Round Table: A multi-dimensional perspective on Social Change and Humanitarian Aid

The aim of this roundtable is to offer a panorama of theories and practices related to humanitarian assistance pursued in the arena of social change. The selection of speakers considers social, economic, environmental, and political/governance aspects that favour or hamper aid, recovery and overall social change dynamics. To achieve this aim and provide a multidisciplinary perspective, both practitioners and academics will be represented.

The varied set of perspectives deriving from the authors’ field of experience and expertise will result in a kaleidoscope of first-hand knowledge about different paths that are conducive to individual and collective levels. Whereas some speakers will concentrate on the policy dimension, others will provide case studies, and others will discuss methodological innovations. Their common theme is a holistic angle to ‘aid’ and social change processes that are not limited in its scope to either the material or the immaterial side of social transformation. Each contribution will illustrate connections between micro changes (individual) and the dynamics that derive from them at the meso (community), macro (country) and meta-level (planet), nurturing quality of life if they are sustained through time.

This roundtable is connected to the ‘Handbook on Quality of Life and Social Change’, which is scheduled to appear in August 2023 as part of the Springer Handbook Series on Quality of Life.


Andrew Cunningham


  • Cornelia W
  • Jan Vandemoortele
  • Valentina Otmacic
  • Roger Higman

Date and Time

6 November, 15:30 – 17:00 (GMT+6)

Room NAC-1058