Call for Papers

The call for papers for the 2023 conference will open on 1 July 2023

Steps to submit a paper:

  • Browse through the Proposed Panels list to choose the right panel for your paper
  • Create an account by registering for the conference
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Visit this page: Call for Papers and fill in the submission form on the right side of this page
  • Upload a paper abstract (max 200 words)
  • Select a panel from the list, and click ‘submit’
  • The panel organizer will receive an automatic email after your upload
  • When the panel organizer accepted your paper abstract you will receive an email that your proposal was published on our website
  • In the upcoming months you can email your full paper to the panel organizer

You can upload more than one paper abstract as long as they’re on different topics, please restrain from uploading the same abstract to different panels.

Presentations during the conference will have a duration of 10-20 minutes (depending on the number of presenters in the panel). There will be facilities for the use of PowerPoint or other projections.

Remember that many people are listening and reading in the second language, so keep the use of text to a minimum and make good use of photography graphics, graphs and images.

This year, it will be possible to present online as well. There will be full online panels and hybrid panels, with some of the presentations on screen and some in-person.

Paper Style
The conference accepts research driven, practice reflection and theoretical papers.

We encourage you to submit your paper in advance. To avoid copyright issues, the papers will not be made public on the website (unless you wish to do so), but will be distributed to the members of the panel.

A suggested structure for the papers is:
1.      Statement of the purpose of the paper, the research question this issued to be reflected upon
2.      Background, context setting and/or literature review section
3.      Description of  research methodology
4.      Presentation of results or description of practices reviewed
5.      Analysis of results or practices
6.      Conclusions draws
7.      Recommendation for future research or action
8.      Bibliography

There are no requirements to the size of the paper.

If you have any questions feel free to send us an email.