Paper: The Influence of Tenure Security on Welfare Outcomes in Urban Informal Settlements: Preliminary Evidence from Colombia, Kenya and Indonesia

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Paper authors Ronan McDermott
In panel on Urban Preparedness and Resilience
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Strengthening security of tenure in fragile urban settings has been a goal of policy communities for decades. In the context of such settings tenure security has been hailed as providing the basis for investment in housing improvement, access to credit and improved welfare outcomes. Tenure security as a concept has been interrogated from different perspectives. This paper draws on existing literature in conceiving of tenure security as composed of three inter-related, overlapping but not necessarily equivalent forms: tenure security as determined by legal systems; perceived tenure security from the perspective of residents; and finally, de facto tenure security or tenure security as empirically manifested. Using data from informal settlements in three cities that are susceptible to a range of hazards including violence, flooding, landslides and food insecurity, the interaction between these dimensions of tenure security is explored. A better understanding is obtained concerning how such dimensions impact respectively on a range of welfare outcomes under such conditions.



Ronan Mcdermott
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