Paper: does health prepardness works in urban contexts ? lessons learnt from the Nepal earthquake and the Ebola crisis an

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Paper authors Fran├žois Grunewald
In panel on Urban Preparedness and Resilience
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Health is an area which is often not prioritized in urban prepardness as the later often concentrate on spatial management, building codes and civil protection exercices. Recent experiences in Nepal and in cities affected by Ebola demonstrated the importance of prepardness in the health sector. The paper will explore how better trained, better equiped health teams and more resilient structures can go a long way in ensuring that health crises can be contained to "manageable mess" rather than "total disaster". The discussion will draw from numerous evaluations done in Nepal before and after the 2015 earthquake and in two different urban context in teh Ebola affected area (Conakry and Freetown).



Fran├žois Grunewald
Groupe URD