Paper: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Low Income Households in the World

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Paper authors Farhan Abdirahman Egal
In panel on COVID-19 beyond Health Insecurity
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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused a dramatic disruption in the delivery of environment and health services in the developing countries. With school closures and challenges in the delivery of distance learning, students learning losses are expected to be enormous. Meanwhile, the health system is strained under the challenge of management of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases which likely crowd out the delivery of essential health services. This note, a third note of the series using the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Low Income Household Panel and Economic (HOPE) Survey, investigates the impact of the pandemic on education and health behaviors as well as other welfare indicators of low-income households in the Somalia.
The impact of covid-19 has also effected lower income people due to closure of markets public gathering places, where they are earn money for daily bases to continue for their survival.
Some households’ members suffered acute illness visited health centers but some of them fear to visit the hospital due fear of contracting of covid-19, inability to travel, belief that the illness could managed home.
This panel shows insightful papers that reflect on the current pandemic crisis. It attempts to include varied cases of human crisis of vulnerable people from different countries. The panel intends to promote a discussion on how connected the covid-19 crisis on lower income communities and how can be recovered.



Farhan Abdirahman Egal