Paper: Chiefs’ Courts, Hunger, and Improving Humanitarian Programming in South Sudan

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Paper authors Chris Newton
In panel on The politics of solidarity during famine
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Humanitarians struggle to warn about, prevent, and respond to starvation when the population of concern is either small or large but not concentrated geographically. This is partly due to a failure to incorporate local perspectives and to monitor community-level, rather than only household-level, coping when access to food is insufficient. This study examined chiefs’ courts in South Sudan and their role in the recognition and management of hunger using household survey data from four rounds of the nation-wide humanitarian Food Security and Nutrition Monitoring System (FSNMS) in 2018 and 2019, as well as court observations in Gogrial East County, Warrap State in 2018. Analysing the two datasets together shows how humanitarian consideration of these courts and similar community institutions could contribute to timelier and more effective humanitarian responses to worsening food insecurity.



Chris Newton