Paper: Intersecting disasters: Disaster displacement during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Paper authors Lisette Robles
In panel on COVID-19 beyond Health Insecurity
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The COVID-19 pandemic underscores that crises do not happen in successions. We experience how the pandemic accelerated the demand for immediate and sufficient response to people’s health insecurity. Nonetheless, it also re-emphasized that people are confronting protracted or concurrent crises resulting from natural hazards that demand answers that recognize people’s intersecting vulnerabilities and capacities. As we continue to navigate our response to the pandemic, the threats from natural hazards and extreme weather events persist.

This paper reflects on the occurrence of dual disasters of combined threat of natural hazards and infectious disease from the lens of human security. It focuses on people who have been displaced by the 2020 Kyushu Flooding in Japan, currently staying in temporary housing while facing the pandemic's challenges. This study explores the insecurities from these compounded crises, along with the protection strategies and empowerment initiatives to support people who were temporarily displaced.

This paper analyses the individual-level impact of the combined crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and disaster displacement. It intends to show that beyond seeing COVID-19 as health insecurity, it raises other insecurities, particularly when compounded by other inevitable and overlapping challenges.



Lisette Robles