Paper: Achieves and history from different perspectives

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Paper authors Sheikh Abida Islam
In panel on Practical Leadership through Education
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How like seeing the elephant by blind men tale, I used to be privy to the narrow stream of knowledge that I have encounter in my day to day work as head of mission support of MSF OCP Bangladesh mission which is working in Rohingya refuge crisis.
Studying LEAP has broaden my vision and made a lot more understanding of the decisions, good or bad in my opinion from different levels like from regional/international levels. I have learned so many things that my fellow classmates and I would put into practice.
Especially, I would only talk about achieving, its importance and the story they tell. I did have a narrow vision of history and always thought that stories are told by the victors. Until I started the Leap program where various courses including history of humanitarian aid, Media and advocacy etc broaden my vision on the stories of conflicts from a humanitarian perspective. These stores speak of histories of people who rarely find places in traditional histories. We have been much more conscious in preserving those stories from various perspectives and telling those stories like the memorial project that is happening about MSF working in Bangladesh from 1971. Understanding the power of stories in history from our courses, we are making a better effort in preserving and broadcasting those voices.



Sheikh Abida Islam
university of Manchester