Paper: Personal Reflections on how Education is Challenging Dynamics and Practice on the Field

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Paper authors Aliaa Alkhazendar
In panel on Practical Leadership through Education
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As I work on the field in one of the most complex settings, Gaza Strip, Palestine, my paper sheds the light on the complexities and power dynamics on the field, and how my commencement in an educational program on humanitarian action has empowered me and helped me become more critical of current practice, and how it helped me challenge the decisions made by the power figures on the field. Constraints I face as I am going forward with my education include conflict with others when trying to argue and critically analyze the current practice on the field as at times this can be unwelcomed.
It also depicts my criticism of how decisions are made on the field, and communication flow. Regarding the project and the context, I work in right now, it seems to me personally that sometimes policies and protocols related to patient care are shaped in a vertical top-down approach, and with no utilization of available evidence to provide best practice. Also, I discuss the lack of periodic review and auditing of the quality of care that we provide, and if indeed we are providing best quality of care to the community in need.



Aliaa Alkhazendar