Paper: Refining Communication through humanitarian education: LEAP Studentship Experience

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Paper authors Abel Khisa
In panel on Practical Leadership through Education
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One of the more pertinent issues in the humanitarian field is communication, and specifically, misinformation or the rate of spread of fake news. Communication is even more critical given the unprecedented times we live in, plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic. On its own, the pandemic is a challenge to humanitarian response. Poor communication and misinformation further derail humanitarian practice. Effective communication is, therefore, imperative to not only ensure that humanitarian response is prompt but also to minimize the effect of misinformation. Media, Policy, & Advocacy is a module within Leadership Education Academic Partnership (LEAP) programme that equips students with requisite communication knowledge and skills. This paper looks at a case study of communication and advocacy challenges within Medecins Sans Frontieres – Belgium’s Embu Project, and a reflection of the relevance of LEAP experience in addressing humanitarian professional developmental needs.



Abel Khisa
MSF Belgium