Paper: A protracted recovery? Experiences of displacements and resettlements following cyclone Idai in Mozambique

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Paper authors Uacitissa Mandamule
In panel on Climate-Related Displacement, (Internal) Migration and Humanitarian Action
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Mozambique has a long history of disasters. Cyclones, floods, droughts or tropical storms, these events produce psychological violence and also social and economic vulnerability of the affected populations. In addition to the loss of life and destruction of infrastructures, these events lead to significant losses in terms of access to land as well as agricultural production and productivity, the main livelihood activity in rural Mozambique. They also reveal the weak state governance in disaster management.

Using a multi-scale approach on land issues, we analyze the displacement routes of populations as well as the resettlement policies implemented by the government in the aftermath of cyclone Idai. We also look at how these moments of crisis and the attention they attract are also occasions for the affirmation and strengthening of the paternalistic figure of the state, the main broker between humanitarian aid organizations and the local population.

Observation and Interviews within 46 households, 5 non-governmental organizations and local administration in Sofala province reveals that, although necessary, protracted humanitarian aid can originate collective dependency, from local state to communities, and shelve family's initiatives to recovery and build resilience.



Uacitissa Mandamule