Paper: How can we become a "professionnal" humanitarian aid coordinator?

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Paper authors Fabrice WEISSMAN
In panel on Practical Leadership through Education
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Doctors, nurses, human resource manager, financial controller, supply manager, accountant, electricians, etc. Most of the positions within MSF require professional skills that are being taught by dedicated training institutions recognized by their peers. But what about the position of “project coordinator” or “country director”? There is no real equivalent outside of the aid world to this very specific type of profession that consists in assessing a situation from a public health, political and security perspective, choosing population to help in priority, negotiating with various authorities the deployment of aid operations and coordinating the many departments involved in their implementation. How can we train our staff to acquire the knowledge and the know-how to uphold those responsibilities? To which extent can formal training delivered in universities be useful? Those are the reflections which led to the creation of the LEAP and which I propose to briefly expose in this presentation.



Fabrice Weissman