Paper: "We are not in this all together": Reflections on triaging critical care during COVID-19

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Paper authors Elysee Nouvet
In panel on Medical quality and Patient-centered care
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At this juncture, the possibility of COVID-19 related critical care needs outweighing resources in many parts of the world has been a concern and fact for several months. There is a lack of contextual data on how those already on, or positioned to be on, the front lines of this pandemic are experiencing the potential or actual need for triage of critical care resources in this pandemic. This paper draws on data from a rapid qualitative study conducted March to April 2020, aiming to document and clarify preparedness for critical care needs outweighing critical care resources across diversely resourced healthcare systems. While sampling was international, and resulted in 67 responses across all WHO regions, responses from high and low- and middle-income participants were significantly different. As a result, and to ensure under-considered realities of COVID-19 care in low and middle-income countries obtains the attention these merit, this paper focuses on this study’s findings from LMIC participants.



Elysee Nouvet