Paper: Understanding social integration of refugees with disabilities

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Paper authors Pradytia Pertiwi, Nino Gvetadze
In panel on Disability Inclusion in Humanitarian Crises: Discourse, Implementation and Evidence
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Displacement disproportionately affects persons with disabilities and the UNDRR Global Survey 2023 on Disability and Disaster indicates that nearly one in four persons with disabilities have experienced displacement due to various reasons including disasters, and war/conflicts. While it is well-known that persons with disabilities face numerous barriers to accessing humanitarian assistance in the disaster setting, their lived experiences due to forced displacement caused by disasters, and war/conflicts have yet to be adequately understood. Building on quantitative and qualitative responses from 1,528 persons with disabilities in the UNDRR Global Survey 2023, this study aims to capture the narrative of individual preparedness, social integration and social inclusion of refugees with disabilities in the host countries in preparing for future disaster/crisis. It specifically investigates how integrated refugees with disabilities in the DRR and humanitarian emergency processes and whether they are adequately self-represented in the efforts of ensuring disability inclusion is accounted to leave no one behind in disasters.