Paper: Responsibility to Protect and EU Migration Management: A Comparative Study of Türkiye and Ukraine

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Paper authors Elaine Abrams
In panel on Migration Management and External Borders in the EU: Refugees and Forced Displacement
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By recognizing the parallels between Türkiye and Ukraine, we can apply the strategies and mechanisms developed in response to the Ukrainian refugees for other refugee crises. Despite stalled negotiations, the EU continues to promise renegotiations and other benefits as Türkiye plays a central role in mitigating migration responsibility from the EU. The Ukrainian refugee crisis triggered by Russia's war of aggression is increasingly protracted and may impact Ukraine's accession process. However, the EU has welcomed Ukrainian refugees with open arms, unlike the treatment of Syrian refugees from Türkiye. Despite the welcoming response, the EU has consistently externalized and managed migration which has politicized migration and refugees. Furthermore, if the international community reaffirms its commitments to the 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol, as well as the principles of the Responsibility to Protect, we can shift the focus of migration and refugees from a political issue to a humanitarian one.