Paper: “Women are the Alternative”: A Case Study of Women Organizing for Peace from the Afghan and Syrian Diasporas

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Paper authors Ava Strasser
In panel on Women's Engagement & Protection in Conflict: Examining Displacement, Peacemaking, and Empowerment
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This research explores the influence of Afghan and Syrian diasporas on home country peace processes to address the intersections between diaspora research and research regarding women in peacemaking. This research asks: under what circumstances can feminists in diasporas influence home state peace processes given male dominance and patriarchal conflict management structures? This question is explored through the use of qualitative methodologies, primarily interviews with thirteen key stakeholders and informants. There are three channels that this research proposes to understand the influence of diaspora women in peace processes; first, through international support systems to conflict resolution; second, through diaspora women’s civil society peace and humanitarian organizations; and third, through diaspora political organizing.