Paper: The visibility of humanitarian action for displaced older people in research: A scoping review

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Paper authors Rogie Royce Z. Carandang, Lisette R. Robles
In panel on Examining humanitarian action for forced migration: Approaches to the needs of vulnerable groups on the move in crises
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Older people are inarguably among the most vulnerable during humanitarian crises and emergencies, showing specific needs in several domains, including health, sanitation, psychosocial support, and economic security. While international instruments and policies protect them while displaced due to humanitarian crises of any kind, implementation of adequate and targeted support remains limited. More so, reports on humanitarian actions would repeatedly emphasize the need to ensure the safety and security of the most vulnerable in humanitarian response. Yet, such evidence for the displaced older people is scarce in scholarly discussions. By utilizing the scoping review, this paper maps the existing body of literature on humanitarian action for displaced older people. It identifies the common themes surrounding this topic, including the needs and unmet needs of older displaced people, current practices, innovative strategies, and limitations of humanitarian actors. This paper opens the discussion on the significance of having more available research on displaced older people and its implications in gaining a comprehensive and multidimensional understanding not just of their needs but also their contributions in their specific context of displacement.