Paper: Increasing long-term impact through integrating climate programming into triple nexus approaches

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Paper authors Summer Brown
In panel on 'Nexus Thinking Revisited: Bridging Humanitarian, Development, Peace, and Climate Change.'
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There is increasing focus from academics, policy makers, aid workers and citizens in fragile and conflict affected contexts on the need to focus programming on, planning for, prevention of and addressing climate change issues. On the one hand, there is a growing body of evidence on the negative effects of climate change being exasperated by poor or weak governance structures and systems. While on the other, there is very little practical guidance on how climate programming can be connected to and coordinated with other types of interventions specifically humanitarian, development and peace actions which may at times be working with government bodies. In this paper, we examine how integrating climate actions into the three components of the humanitarian, development and peace nexus may help to strengthen the overall long-term impact of climate focused programming.