Paper: Re-Thinking Humanitarian Innovation Partnership with Corporate: Innovation Without Humanity?

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Paper authors Chin Ruamps
In panel on Governing digital risks in humanitarian action
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In this article, I critically examine the hype of innovation partnerships between the humanitarian community and the private sector, arguing that far from providing a cure to the humanitarian dilemma, innovation partnerships, in effect, can threaten humanitarian NGOs’ normative legitimacy and have negative impacts on the humanitarian missions, humanitarian NGOs, as well as affected populations. This, as I will argue, is in large part due to the Impetuous pursuit of innovation partnerships through adopting the capitalist-anchored innovation business model that can be incompatible with the ethical framework and moral norms of humanitarian NGOs. More specifically, humanitarian NGOs' unique humane and humanistic features often create fractions with corporate’s innovation and technological advancement, which is grounded in tech-capitalism.