Paper: The role of local civil society organizations towards change

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Paper authors Lawyer - Saleh Salem Hatita
In panel on How can local CSOs increase their influence in multistakeholder early warning systems?
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Civil society is usually used as a descriptive concept to evaluate the balance between state authority on the one hand and private bodies and groups on the other hand.
Since 2011 and the beginning of the work of civil society in Libya, it has played an effective role towards democratic orientation, community awareness and development. Many organizations have also contributed to resolving the causes of conflicts, reaching societal peace and highlighting the violations that resulted from internal armed conflicts. Local civil society has also contributed to developing concrete solutions for governments and decision-makers, which will provide alertness about the real problems and violations to which citizens are exposed.
Therefore, the paper will present data on local civil society and its basic role in Libya, experiences and successes achieved by local civil society organizations to mitigate violations human rights in Libya.
Some recommendations are also included to enhance the role of civil society in Libya.