Paper: Political Impact in Natural Disaster Management and the Influence of Civil Society: 2 Cases of Bangladesh

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Paper authors Protiva Sharmeen
In panel on Filling the gap or filling the shoes? Civil society and political change in historical disasters
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If we analyze the history of natural disasters relating with political impacts, we can see that there are many direct or indirect impact of the disaster management including the aid distribution on the political arena. How the government is handling the aid distribution and how the other significant actors like civil society, non-governmental organization, regional and international actors are reacting to the situation? The case of the Bhola Cyclone and the Sidr of Bangladesh has been taken to analyze the fact in this research. To analyze the history the secondary data has been used in this research and the method is qualitative mixed with 2 cases of Bangladesh. As the political impact is due to the political approach to a disaster which affecting the disaster management. Through the historical impact we have identified the challenges of natural disasters and relief distribution from political and humanitarian perspective and have provided the necessary directions which will support the government to tackle such challenges and serve humanity as well.