Paper: Pedagogical Recommendations Based on a Study of the Relationship Between Stress, Resilience, and Cognitive Development in Palestinian Students.

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Paper authors Olivier Arvisais, Amjad Joma, Lorie-Marlène Brault Foisy, Jonathan Bluteau
In panel on Innovations in Education in Emergencies and for Displaced and Disadvantaged Populations
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Our research represents a significant accomplishment in expanding our understanding of children residing in armed conflict environments. Given that millions of children worldwide continue to be affected by war, it is crucial to conduct in-depth research to inform initiatives aimed at comprehending and curtailing potential violence-induced harm to children. We will briefly present the outcomes of a study investigating the relationship between stress, resilience, and cognitive executive function skills among 120 boys aged 8-11 years in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Our investigation offers an improved comprehension of the association between the psychological state of students and their capability to function competently within an educational environment. This constitutes a significant advancement in our research domain. The knowledge we have generated will enable us to better support teachers in their work with children by suggesting precise, targeted pedagogical interventions.



Olivier Arvisais