Paper: Professionalization and Dynamics of Exclusion: Exploring Inter-Organizational Relations through the Example of Humanitarian Security Management Standards

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Paper authors Monique J. Beerli
In panel on One humanitarian club or many? The setting up of boundaries between and among humanitarian organizations
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As the growing number of standardized manuals and guidelines seem to suggest, the humanitarian sector has gotten serious about managing insecurity in the field. While such processes of professionalization aim to improve the capacity of humanitarian organizations to "stay and deliver," they also produce inequalities and forms of exclusion between organizations. While some organizations get to define how humanitarian security should be best practiced, others are then subject to following such norms to be viewed as professional. While some organizations have greater human and material resources to implement security management policies, others have a weaker capacity and as a consequence come to be perceived as unprofessional. This paper will therefore discuss an organization’s (in)capacity to produce security expertise and implement policies in relation to inter-organizational hierarchies of professionalism and relations of domination.



Monique J. Beerli
UC Berkeley/Swiss National Res...