IHSA General Assembly

IHSA General Assembly 2023

The General Assembly (GA) is where IHSA members or persons aspiring to become IHSA members can be updated on the work of IHSA. During the GA current IHSA members will also get the chance to vote for the new Board members of IHSA and a new president.

The agenda for the GA will be as follows:

  1. Introduction and Annual Report Highlights (President)

  2. Introduction of New Staff (President)

  3. Weekly blog selection update & update on databases

  4. Working groups update (Working Group Presidents)

  5. Financial Report (Treasurer)

  6. Board Election Outcome (Vice-President)

  7. General member comments and input on priorities for new board (All)

    1. What would members like to have as member benefits?

    2. Would members like more regular meetings?

  8. AOB

Date and Time

6 November 2023
17.15 – 18.00 Bangladesh time (GMT+6)
Syndicate Hall, North/South University, Dhaka + Online