Conference Schedule


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Round tables are sessions that take place at the same time as the regular panels in our schedule (90 minutes each). With the main difference that the speakers have been directly invited by the organisers themselves. All roundtables will be hybrid.

Title Organised by
1 MSF & Documenting History: One Approach to Research, Methodologies, & Education on Humanitarian Dilemmas MSF
2 Is the International Humanitarian System ‘Gaslighting’ the Global South?  Centre for Humanitarian Leadership
3 The Politics of Accountability and Accountability Narratives: A Retrospective on the MSF Speaking Out Case Study: “MSF and the War in the Former Yugoslavia 1991-2003.” MSF
4  Are we making aid work better for people affected by crisis? CHS Alliance
5 Lost in Quantification? Armed Conflict Databases and Humanitarian Practices Fredric Ramel & Rodrigo Mena
6 Batman Saves the Congo: How Celebrities Disrupt the Politics of Development Alexandra Budabin
7 Towards Equitable Research Collaborations Dorothea Hilhorst & Rodrigo Mena
8 Safety and Security for University Staff, Students and Research Participants Rodrigo Mena, Dorothea Hilhorst, Marta Welander and Linda Johnson
9 Can We Create Humanitarian Space Online? Understanding and Tackling the Harmful Effects of the ‘Information Disorder’ in Humanitarian Contexts Sandrine Tiller
10 The Ethics of Humanitarian Technology: Looking Back & Taking Stock Katja Lindskov Jacobsen, Larissa Fast, Ning Wang, Kristin Bergtora Sandvik and Nathaniel Raymond
11 Humanitarian Innovation: Have We Come Full Circle? Robin Mays, Paul Currion, Kristin Bergtora Sandvik, Stuart Campo
12 Young Asylum-Seekers, Age Determination and Migration Control Antoine Burgard
13 Amidst the Debris – Humanitarianism and the End of Liberal Order – A Book Discussion Juliano Fiori, Fernando Espada, Andrea Rigon, Bertrand Taithe and Rafia Zakaria
14 Decolonising Global Emergency Care: Leverage Hiding in Plain Sight Anisa Jafar, Gabrielle Prager, Jack Ingham


Side events usually take place outside of the regular conference schedule, for example during a lunch session or in the evening.

Session Organised by
1 General Assembly for IHSA Members IHSA
2 How to Get Published Routledge
3 50 Years of Médecins Sans Frontières  MSF
4 2021 Research Awards Ceremony  Fondation Croix Rouge
5 Presentation of Humanitarian Alternatives review Humanitarian Alternatives