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Health and the Environment

COVID-19 beyond Health Insecurity
Organiser(s): Lisette Robles
Rethinking the History of Attacks on Healthcare
Organiser(s): Laure Humbert, Bertrand Taithe, Raphaele Balu
Medical quality and Patient-centered care
Organiser(s): Michaël Neuman
Novel and innovative approaches to advance health research in humanitarian crises.
Organiser(s): Mohamed Jelle, Andrew Seal and Abdihamid Warsame

Localising Humanitarian Studies

Beyond the Local: Cultural translatability in humanitarian interventions
Organiser(s): Jeremy Allouche, Dieunedort Wandji, Camille Maubert, Gauthier Marchais
Decolonising aid? Issues and directions
Organiser(s): Vicki Ware, Sue Kenny, Anthony Ware
Practical Leadership through Education
Organiser(s): Adele Aubrey, Darren Walter, Imri Schattner-Ornan
Navigating Empathy in Humanitarian Education
Organiser(s): Jessica Hawkins, Amanda McCorkindale
Teaching violence: trauma, professionalisation and humanitarian education
Organiser(s): Eleanor Davey, Jessica Hawkins, Róisín Read
Implementing the Grand Bargain on the ground: Lessons and Reflections from the Pacific
Organiser(s): Kai Hopkins (Ground Truth Solutions), Marian Casey-Maslen (CDAC)
Changing practices of humanitarian advocacy
Organiser(s): Dorothea Hilhorst, Margit van Wessel

Migration, Displacement and Refugees

“Humanitarian borders” between care and control
Organiser(s): Shoshana Fine, Polly Pallister-Wilkins, Damien Simonneau
Impacts of war and displacement on refugees’ educational trajectories
Organiser(s): Kristin Hadfield, Amal El-Kharouf, Sophie von Stumm, Rana Dajani, Isabelle Mareschal
Refugee Social Integration: Resettlement, Protection & Europe
Organiser(s): Mr Joseph Munnelly, Dr Sulagna Maitra
A world without camps? Understanding the potential for refugees and IDPs to achieve well-being and decent livelihoods in urban areas.
Organiser(s): Dr. Nassim Majidi, Prof. Alison Brown, Dr. Michael Owiso, Stefanie Barratt, Lucy Earle
Aligning Large Scale Development Programs with Community Resilience
Organiser(s): Mr. Nigatu Abebe Wolkanto, Dr. Sulagna Maitra, Dr. Befikadu.Esayas Amphune
Borders and Subjectivities: Imagination, bodies, and political experiences
Organiser(s): Paola Diaz, Fernando Garlin Politis

Political Economy and Politics of Humanitarianism

The Politics of Humanitarian Urbanism
Organiser(s): Karen Buscher
Trust in Humanitarian Action
Organiser(s): Oheneba Boateng
Rethinking Violence in Humanitarian Research
Organiser(s): Pedro Lima Silva Rocha, Nathaniel O'Grady
Humanitarianism and Inequality
Organiser(s): Tobias Denskus, Bandana Purkayastha, Silke Roth
Working in the Sahel
Organiser(s): Michaël Neuman
Ebola and accountability
Organiser(s): Natalie Roberts, Myfanwy James
The Politics of Difference in Humanitarian Practice
Organiser(s): Nora Bardelli, Myfanwy James
Hierarchies and Exclusion in Humanitarianism
Organiser(s): Clara Egger, Andrea Schneiker
Bringing Political Economy back to Centre-Stage
Organiser(s): Gilles Carbonnier, Fiona Terry, Davide Rodogno, Achim Wennmann
Depoliticizing humanitarian action: motives, practices, consequences
Organiser(s): Isabelle Desportes, Alice Corbet
Optimizing humanitarian needs assessment
Organiser(s): Danielle N. Poole, Nathaniel A. Raymond, Rachel Farrell, Jenna Davis, Devin Osborne, Chloe Jensen, Catherine Panter-Brick, Kaveh Khoshnood
Syrian Remittances: Navigating Forced Displacement, Sanctions and Humanitarian Needs
Organiser(s): Erica Moret, Joseph Daher, Tolga Bolukbasi, Benjamin Shraven and Ola El Taliawi
The politics of solidarity during famine
Organiser(s): Abraham Diing Akoi, Naomi Pendle

Technology and Innovation

The humanitarian ‘digital divide’
Organiser(s): Kerrie Holloway, Barnaby Willitts-King
Responsible Data Sharing with Donors in Humanitarian Action
Organiser(s): Stuart Campo, Fanny Weicherding
Technology, Innovation and Experimentation in the Refugee Sector
Organiser(s): Dr. Aila Spathopoulou, Dr. Hanna A. Ruszczyk
Data and Displacement: Data Justice in Humanitarian Targeting
Organiser(s): Vicki Squire, Modesta Alozie
Humanitarian innovation, technology and cash assistance in Lebanon
Organiser(s): Glenda Garelli, Nadine Hassouneh
Towards responsible use of AI and geospatial data in preparedness and response to natural hazards and complex emergencies
Organiser(s): Marc van den Homberg, Caroline Gevaert, Yola Georgiadou, Catalina Jaime