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Changes in refugees, displacement, and migration policy and crises

Civic space, advocacy, and locally-led humanitarian response

South-South Cooperation as Enabler of Localisation?
Organiser(s): Dennis Dijkzeul, Kristina Roepstorff
Mapping Feminist Approaches to Humanitarian Action
Organiser(s): Kaira Zoe Canete, Gabriela Villacis
Building locally-led solidarities over shrinking space for civil society
Organiser(s): Catherine Viens, Olivier Arvisais, Francois Audet
Feminist humanitarianism, or humanitarian feminism?
Organiser(s): Megan Daigle, jacqueline hart
Cultural and gendered contexts of the ethics of humanitarian negotiations
Organiser(s): Kristoffer Lidén, Kristina Roepstorff
In the "Too-Hard" basket: Locally-led response in complex and protracted settings
Organiser(s): Eranda Wijewickrama, Suman Ahsanul Islam, Ehsanur Rahman
Everyday humanitarianism
Organiser(s): Miriam Bradley

From evidence to action: advancing health in humanitarian contexts

Palliative care in humanitarian action: Moving from awareness to integration
Organiser(s): Rachel Yantzi, Puspita Hossain, Ilias Risat

Humanitarian studies and education

Humanitarian Education in Practice: Reflections on Knowledge, Interdisciplinarity and Pedagogy
Organiser(s): Helen Underhill, Nataliia Azhypa, Eduardo Wehbe
Who or what constitutes the humanitarian?
Organiser(s): Jessica Hawkins, Maria Kett, James Smith
The Ethics of Teaching Humanitarian Studies: Classroom, real-world Practice and the Discomfort in between
Organiser(s): Jessica Hawkins, Helen Underhill, Amanda McCorkindale

Protracted crises, sustainable responses? Climate change, conflict, and development

Humanitarian action in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC): Its governance and peculiarities in the region
Organiser(s): Rodrigo Mena, Juan Ricardo Aparicio, Gabriela Villacis, Gabriela Villacis
Understanding and Addressing the Humanitarian Consequences of Sanctions
Organiser(s): Francesco Giumelli, Erica Moret

The digital transformation in humanitarian crises and humanitarianism

Governing digital risks in humanitarian action
Organiser(s): Kristoffer Lidén, Susanne Jaspars