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Changing Actors, Views and Challenges from Below

Climate Change and Humanitarianism
Organiser(s): IIan Kelman
Disaster Diplomacy for Humanitarianism
Organiser(s): IIan Kelman
Participation and Accountability in Humanitarian Disaster Management
Organiser(s): Kees Boersma, Femke Mulder, Nimesh Dhungana, Corinna Frey
Children and Improved Crisis Response
Organiser(s): Rigmor Argren, Jessica Jonsson
Social Museology and Social Role of Museums
Organiser(s): Diana Bogado, Erica Abreu, Judite Primo, Marcelle Pereira, Marcelo Murta, Paula Assunção and Vânia Brayner
The agency of aid recipients
Organiser(s): Ralf Otto
Key Humanitarian Concepts in Historical Perspective
Organiser(s): Pierre Fuller, Eleanor Davey, Bertrand Taithe, Laure Humbert, Andrew Newby, Steffen Werther, Norbert Gotz, Georgina Brewis, Antoine Burgard, Julia Irwin
Criminalizing Starvation
Organiser(s): Alex de Waal; Wayne Jordash; Catriona Murdoch
Money Talks. Exploring Funding Solutions for Localized Humanitarian Response
Organiser(s): Tilleke Kiewied and Petra Righetti

Humanitarian Studies and the WHS Humanitarian Scholar Commitments

Collaborative humanitarian research – creating stronger pathways for impact
Organiser(s): Sarah Palmer-Felgate, Sheree Bennett
When Humanitarian Knowledge Hits the Road; Matching Learning Needs with Context
Organiser(s): Shadi Saleh, Hussein Ismail, Farah Sbeity, Fida Abu Hassan
Localising Research on Humanitarian Concepts
Organiser(s): Doris Schopper, Clara Egger

The Changing Realities of Crisis and Responses to Crises, Including Humanitarianism

Rethinking Cash Assistance within Humanitarian Response
Organiser(s): Talita Cetinoglu, Volkan Yilmaz
Migration, Protracted Crisis and Humanitarianism
Organiser(s): Susanne Jaspars, Margie Buchanan-Smith
Negotiating Humanitarian Access in Violent Conflict
Organiser(s): Roanne van Voorst, Jan Pospisil
Changing the paradigm on water programming in fragile and dry contexts
Organiser(s): Timmo Gaasbeek, Maarten Onneweer, Daniela Benedicto van Dalen
A New Political Economy of Humanitarian Aid?
Organiser(s): Juliano Fiori
Humanitarian advocacy
Organiser(s): Miriam Bradley
Armed non-state actors and humanitarian action
Organiser(s): Miriam Bradley
Can Standards and Reforms Drive Effective Change?
Organiser(s): Bonaventure Gbetoho Sokpoh
Urban Preparedness and Resilience
Organiser(s): Pat Gibbons, Cristina Churruca Muguruza, Hans-Joachim Heintze, Joost Herman, Siswanto Wilopo
Tackling Inhumanity
Organiser(s): Antonio Donini, Cristina Churruca, Norah Niland and the UAI Collective

The Impact of Technology and Innovation in Coping with, Responding to and Transforming Crisis

Connected Refugees: Opportunities and Challenges of Communication Technologies for Refugees
Organiser(s): Benjamin Hounsell, Hervé Nicolle, Samuel Hall
Responsible Innovation: One Step Forward-Two Steps Back
Organiser(s): Kirsten Gelsdorf, Rahul Chandran
Ethics and Technology in Humanitarian Settings
Organiser(s): Dónal O'Mathúna, Matthew Hunt
Humanitarianism and Media
Organiser(s): Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert, Timothy Wolfer