The Politics of Humanitarian Urbanism


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The politics of humanitarian urbanism

In different localities of the Global South, humanitarian intervention in settings of protracted violent conflict have resulted in profound spatial transformations. Cities have turned into NGO hotspots, impacting urban infrastructures, economies, land use, property markets, education, and urban governance. New urban centres have emerged from the permanent settlement around IDP and refugee camps and humanitarian economies. As such, emerging forms of urbanism and urban infrastructure are to be analysed at the intersection of dynamics of violent conflict, global war economies and humanitarian intervention. This panel takes as the main focus of interest the political aspects of these emerging forms of humanitarian urbanism, arguing that apart from a spatial, economic and social process, humanitarian urbanism is a profoundly political process as well. This political dimension is often overlooked, yet often sits at the heart of violent contestation for (ethnic) representation, public authority and political control.
This panel welcomes abstracts from different disciplines such as (political) geography, urban anthropology, urban studies, humanitarian studies and conflict studies.

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November 3rd, 2021
18:00 (GMT +1)
Room 21
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Karen Buscher