Managing governance of forced displacement and refugee crises: can lessons be learned from the host communities?
Organiser(s): Dr Palash Kamruzzaman, Dr Bulbul Siddiqi

The host communities could become of paramount importance for managing/governing ongoing and future forced displacement and refugee crises. Host communities are often the first responders with food, shelter, water, and emergency health support for traumatised, exhausted refugees (Holloway and Fan, 2018) before state interventions and other humanitarian supports take place. As, globally, displacement is becoming less of a short-term phenomenon (UNHCR, 2020), refugees can put significant pressure on the host communities regarding resources and other livelihood opportunities (UNDP, 2016), resulting in increased tensions between the host and refugee communities. Such tensions can turn into anger and hostility towards the refugees if host communities feel they are being left-out from humanitari ..
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