Frugal innovations and technology: aiding self-reliance and resilience amongst crisis affected groups?
Organiser(s): Dr Holly A Ritchie, Dr Rodrigo Mena

Beyond assumptions of dependency and passivity, crisis- affected groups such as refugees have been shown to be in fact apt in developing diverse coping mechanisms, but face many legal, economic and social restrictions in their attempts to make a living (e.g. Betts et al., 2014). In such contexts, the topic of ‘refugee innovation’ is of increasing interest (Betts et al., 2015). Attention to frugal innovations may be particularly relevant in highlighting innovations that are low-cost, rely on few resources and can reach scale. Leveraging available digital technology, the growing use of frugal innovations such as ICTs is argued to be fostering a new ‘social order’, shaping the lives of individuals, new ‘social order’, shaping the lives of individuals, organizations and society (Warschauer and ..
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