“Humanitarian borders” between care and control
Organiser(s): Shoshana Fine, Polly Pallister-Wilkins, Damien Simonneau

This panel addresses the ambiguous place of humanitarianism in the governance of contemporary migration and borders both in the Global North and South (Walters 2006; Pallister-Wilkins 2018; Della Porta & Steinhilper 2021). From refugee camps to resettlement practices, to search and rescue operations, to the distribution of food rations or legal assistance by solidarity actors, humanitarian practices of mobility governance are central to the contemporary management of mobilities. We argue here that humanitarian practices are inherently about both care and control. They also play a role in containing ‘undesirable’ populations. The relationship between security and humanitarian knowledges is then far from contradictory, they are entangled with each other. This is because humanitarianism asks ..
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