The Politics of Difference in Humanitarian Practice: Old Realities, New Questionings?
Organiser(s): Nora Bardelli, Myfanwy James

In 2020, there were renewed calls for humanitarian aid to decolonise - to change the power hierarchies embedded in its everyday practices. Everyday humanitarian practice is shaped by, and reproduces, the very forms of inequality that its egalitarian values seek to transcend. Scholars have begun to examine the politics of difference in humanitarianism in more detail: how social categories of difference operate in an industry built on the idea of universal humanity. These studies reveal how different intersectional identities impact on experiences of aid work, whilst institutional practices reproduce hierarchies amongst different staff and populations, reflecting and exacerbating global structures of inequity (Benton 2016; Kothari 2006; Peters 2020; James 2020; Bardelli 2019). Too often, the ..
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