The Politics of Accountability and Accountability Narratives: A Retrospective on the MSF Speaking Out Case Study: "MSF and the War in the Former Yugoslavia 1991-2003."
Organiser(s): Laurence Binet, Rony Brauman, Francoise Saulnier Bouchet, Eric Stobbaerts

Drawing from the Médecins Sans Frontières Speaking Out Case Study: “MSF and the War in the Former Yugoslavia,” this panel investigates the barrier politics of accountability through competing and sometimes complementary narratives of solidarity and abandonment in humanitarian action. We explore the relevance, ambiguities, and limits of speaking out politics and the associated tensions articulating with accountability narratives. The MSF intervention in the war in the former Yugoslavia posed multiple dilemmas for the organization, each presenting conflicting potentialities, tested the limits of solidarity and humanitarian aid.

We will examine questions such as: If MSF is to be accountable to the besieged population by maintaining access and a certain level of medical care in the enclave ..

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