Humanitarian logistics: innovations in the context of covid-19 crisis
Organiser(s): Camille Nussbaum (IECAH/ULS projet), Samantha Brangon (Groupe URD), George Fenton (Humanitarian Logistics Association)

As evidenced by COVID-19 crisis, logistics is a critical field of any response to assist populations affected by disasters, armed conflict or other situations of violence. Supply chains have been greatly affected and, beyond the problems that arise in purchasing, transporting, and distributing critical products such as PPE or medicines, existing challenges have continued to evolve. As in many other areas, the pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges in the field of humanitarian logistics.

The panel will explore key innovations in the field of humanitarian logistics to face these challenges. This includes the adoption of new technologies such as the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for last mile transport, but also process innovations that can help local actors to improve acce ..

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