Navigating Empathy in Humanitarian Education


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An empathetic response is the ability for people to feel with another, to understand their perspective and experience. Using empathy as a critical pedagogical tool allows those who educate to encourage situations of feeling with those who would have in the past been seen as ‘the other’. Incorporating empathy into the teaching and learning around humanitarian topics and for humanitarians working in the field, has the potential to limit the level of ‘othering’ and create opportunities for more meaningful interactions at the local and global levels.

This panel aims to bring together scholars and collaborators who are working on a variety of methods to bring empathy into humanitarian education. The panel encourages those teaching (formally/informally) at any level (whether in schools, higher education institutions or through Continuing Professional Development in the humanitarian sector). Papers could engage with the methods or techniques used to teach empathy; discussions on interpretations of empathy in humanitarian pedagogy; navigating the juxtaposition of abstract concepts and theories with case study examples in the classroom/learning environment; and alternatives to the standard classroom format of teaching humanitarianism.

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November 5th, 2021
11:00 (GMT +1)
Room 13
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Jessica Hawkins
Amanda Mccorkindale