Medical quality and Patient-centered care

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The notion of global health is now extremely important in the humanitarian sector. With the recognition of the global interconnected nature of individuals, the emergence of international donors, and funding programmes aimed at eradicating particular diseases, humanitarian organisations have become stakeholders in the development of a global agenda. The COVID19 pandemic, as with the threat that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa posed to the rest of the world in 2014-15, has reinforced this narrative of connected health, requiring global and concerted approaches. However, humanitarian actors, especially those involved in medical care, cannot limit themselves to this perspective. It is also at the level of the individual, the patient, that the therapeutic approach is defined, and therefore so is the success or failure of medical care. This is a constant negotiation between the norms of biomedicine, the autonomy of the patient, and the political and medical actors. It is on these negotiations that the present panel wishes to focus, opening the door to reflections on the relationship of care, medical quality or cooperation between international organisations and public health actors. The objective of the panel will thus be to explore medicine at the bedside of the patient and the factors that contribute to its management in crisis contexts.

Possible papers:
o Vanja Kovačič, Medical Anthropologist: War wounded care in an MSF programme (release of her book in December)
o Brigid Atterton, PhD, Researcher at The Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, The University of Manchester : Medical quality at MSF
o Marion Pechayre, PhD, Head of Mission Malawi - MSF France, or Fabrice Weissman, Director of Studies - CRASH: Medical quality through the lens of collaboration with local partners in the Covid-19 crisis.

Date & Time

November 3rd, 2021
18:00 (GMT +1)
Room 24
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Elba Rahmouni