Aligning Large Scale Development Programs with Community Resilience: Innovative Approaches to Dealing with Displacement, Livelihood Disturbances & Ecology
Organiser(s): Mr. Nigatu Abebe Wolkanto, Dr. Sulagna Maitra, Dr. Befikadu.Esayas Amphune

Aligning development programs with community resilience is essential, given the fact that social and environmental transformations resulting from development initiatives may possibly lead to reduced quality of live and livelihood. In fact, unless adequately managed, development programs that entail structural change on environment, socio-economic and political orders, may negatively impact communities. One of this category of development initiatives is large-scale hydropower dam projects. In general, large-scale hydropower dam projects are commonly associated with challenges often manifested by dichotomies of cost and benefits. A considerable number of studies pertinent to hydropower dams put emphasis on the fact that they are associated with economic, environmental, political, and socio-c ..
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