Climate-related displacement, (internal) migration and humanitarian action: Perspectives and alternatives
Organiser(s): Rodrigo Mena, Hyeonggeun Ji

Climate-related displacement is a growing process and concern worldwide (IDMC, 2021). According to the UNCHR, weather-related emergencies have impacted the lives of approximately 21.5 million people each year since 2010, who have been forced to move (United Nations, 2021). The root causes explaining people’s reasons to migrate, and the impacts of doing it, interact with multiple other social and economic factors (Warner, 2010), resulting in climate-related migrants being considered humanitarian subjects in need of assistance and protection (Eckersley, 2015: 481). However, climate-related migrants are neglected in international refugee and immigration policy (Docherty, 2009: 357), and the role and ways in which humanitarian aid actors address climate-related migration are still in discussio ..
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