The International Humanitarian Studies Association is a network engaged with the study of humanitarian crises caused by natural disaster, conflict or political instability.

Participation and Accountability in Humanitarian Disaster Management by Kees Boersma, Femke Mulder, Nimesh Dhungana, Corinna Frey

Paper: The Inability of Humanitarians to Understand Local Reality by Diego Fernandez Otegui
Paper: Participation and social accountability in post - Haiyan governance: Policies, practices, and prospects by Benigno Balgos
Paper: Be careful what you wish for: The limits of participation and accountability by Julia Steets
Paper: Donor: hindrance or hero in promoting meaningful participation of affected populations in humanitarian programming by Andy Wheatley
Paper: Does Aid need a Logo? How INGOs' Branding Strategies can be used to improve Downwards Accountability by Isabella Leyh
Paper: Practices of participation and accountability that works for sustainable approach : experiences from Bangladesh by M Rezaul Karim Chowdhury
Paper: The managment of Internally Displaced Persons from conflict prone areas in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja;2013-2017. by YUSUFU ZOAKA
Paper: Can humanitarian standards help changing the power imbalance in humanitarian disaster management? by Shemina Amarsy
Paper: Taking sexual and gender minorities out of the too-hard basket by Jo-Hannah Lavey
Paper: Accounting for Social Agency in Humanitarian Socio-Technical Systems by Robin E. Mays
Paper: Who Really Does Relief? Humanitarian Action and the Crisis Survivor by Charles Kelly
Paper: From human resources to legal liability: An ethnographic perspective on the evolving duty of care towards humanitarian staff by Kristin Bergtora Sandvik