Action or Impact: How should we monitor progress in the World Humanitarian Summit?

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The World Humanitarian Summit presented humanitarians with a unique opportunity to identify shared priorities for the future of humanitarian action. But these efforts are only meaningful if they can be sustained through continuous monitoring and realignment of actions to achieve them. And this requires a shared set of outcome indicators—a common language for what success looks like.

This panel will debate what success looks like from the WHS, and the potential for creating a shared set of outcome indicators to track progress on the WHS across the system. This serves as a case for examining the broader issue of system-wide performance monitoring in humanitarian action and the absence, to date, of any shared indicators. This panel will also look at current monitoring initiatives, such as the Grand Bargain assessment process and the World Humanitarian Summit PACT reporting process, discuss what kind of picture of progress these initiatives are providing and discuss where are the gaps.

The panel welcomes papers on any indicators or approaches that could be relevant to monitoring humanitarian related outcomes system wide, including but not restricted to:
• Assessing mortality and morbidity rates in crisis
• Displacement figures
• Outcomes measured through perception-based data, such as satisfaction rates across crisis affected people

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Alice Obrecht