Collaborative humanitarian research – creating stronger pathways for impact

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The involvement of humanitarian organisations in research is essential to ensure not only that the research question is informed by local needs and the methodology is context specific, but also to maximise the uptake of research findings leading to improved humanitarian outcomes. This panel brings together humanitarian research experts from key international humanitarian NGOs to discuss how academics can better collaborate with humanitarian practitioners, and what can be done to create stronger pathways for impact.
Focusing on collaboration and inclusion in humanitarian research, as well as the impact and use of such research, this panel will discuss the following questions:
i) How can international NGOs further drive research agendas?
ii) What are the major barriers to academic-humanitarian research collaborations?
iii) How does research result in improved policy and practice within these organisations?
iv) What can research funders do to strengthen the role of INGOs in the generation and uptake of humanitarian research?

The panel will be convened by Elrha’s Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC) programme which has funded a portfolio of over 40 research partnerships bringing together world-class academics, UN agencies and leading humanitarian organisations to improve humanitarian outcomes through partnership, research and innovation.

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Sarah Palmer-felgate