Responsible Innovation: One Step Forward-Two Steps Back

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Innovation in humanitarian action has often embraced risk and this is welcome. But an uninformed embracing of risk, and the shifting of risk onto the most vulnerable people, may undermine the very humanitarian ethos that underpins our work. GAHI is looking gat how best to convene the humanitarian system to develop standards for responsible innovation. Responsible innovation is as much about evidence as it is ethics. There is a critical need for foundational frameworks that inform the gathering of evidence, drawing on the excellent work of innovators in practice. How can we facilitate the development of common standards for learning about the potential impact of innovations in humanitarian action, in order that those innovations can be driven scale? What is the best way to support humanitarian field innovators to collect evidence to improve innovation practices and the ability to scale, and to increase humanitarian impact? Can we identify the inevitable gaps - where technical or sector-specific evaluation must accompany innovation and scaling-focused learning?
This panel will explore some of the latest research, practitioner policies, and operational protocols designed to help define the ethics and standards for humanitarian innovation.

This panel is hosted by: Kirsten Gelsdorf Director of Global Humanitarian Policy and Professor of Public Policy University of Virginia, Rahul Chandran Director Global Alliance for Humanitarian Innovation (GAHI)

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