The active role of Higher Education Institutes & local actors in understanding and responding to the needs of crisis-affected communities

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This panel calls for contributions from those within the Higher Education/Third Level Education sector and community activists, who are actively working to raise awareness of, and address the needs of individuals within crisis-affected communities.

As the number of refugees entering Europe increases, Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) have greater responsibility in the role they play in encouraging activist approaches from students, staff and academics, in responding to the needs of refugees.

We welcome contributions that describe the establishment and/or operation of different actors within these institutions, such as student societies, voluntary groups, humanitarian centres or local activism.

We hope the panel will educate those working within third level education to address the role we must play in responding to crisis-affected communities and individuals.

Do HEIs understanding the crisis? Are there numerous individuals/groups working towards a greater understanding of the crisis within HEIs? What challenges are faced by individuals/groups within HEIs attempting to raise awareness of the crisis and provide assistance to crisis-affected communities? How can we overcome these challenges?

This panel will also focus on local activism and the challenges inward migration brings in regards to social integration. This panel hopes to exchange ideas, research and experiences in how to bring about best practice in regards to refugee resettlement stressing the importance of including all relevant stakeholders in developing open and inclusive communities.

We hope this panel will attract academics seeking to better understand and identify the societal challenges inward migration can bring and hope that local activists, humanitarians and those who have grassroot knowledge and experience can help shape new or improved approaches to integration and response.

We welcome all proposals.

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Joe Munnelly