Can Standards and Reforms Drive Effective Change?

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In the past 15 years there have been many reform efforts in the humanitarian sector, with varying degrees of success. The Good Humanitarian Donorship initiative, the Humanitarian Reform, the Transformative Agenda and, more recently, the Grand Bargain all started with ambitious agendas. Only a few, however, have managed to fully achieve their objectives.

Why does our sector struggle to make change happen even when we all agree it should? With the Agenda for Humanity and the Grand Bargain underway, it’s critical that this time we successfully drive the reform agenda forward. Last year, The Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance (ALNAP) explored the link between change processes in the humanitarian sector and various change models. This year, the CHS Alliance, which promotes the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS), invites you, on the occasion of the publication of its flagship Humanitarian Accountability Report (HAR), to focus on six themes, namely: putting people at the centre; harmonising reporting requirements; pushing the localisation agenda; putting an end to sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) and sexual harassment and abuse (SHA); inclusive response and the cash revolution.

This panel aims to examine change in the humanitarian sector, exchange lessons learned, and answer the following questions:
• What role do standards play?
• How does the evolution of crisis influence change?
• Do affected people play a role?
• What is the importance of media and technology?

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