How can we assess the effectiveness of interventions to prevent GBV during humanitarian crisis?

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70% of women experience Gender Based Violence (GBV) in humanitarian contexts, compared with 35% worldwide. This issue has gained attention amongst the international humanitarian community in recent decades, with milestone Calls to Action and a proliferation of programmatic guidelines. However, this growing awareness is stunted by a vicious cycle of insufficient funding, research, and a humanitarian system working in silos. Funding for preventing GBV was not even monitored until it was included in OCHA’s Financial Tracking Service in 2016, while the $52 million spent from 2016-18 equated to just 1/3 of the requested funds, and 0.12% of humanitarian spending overall. Where funding is scarce, even less is spent on research; a recent review of 305 GBV interventions in humanitarian settings found that only 6% published evaluations. And this remains a notoriously difficult subject to study, with varying methodological approaches in different countries, organisations, and academic disciplines.

This panel will discuss how we can address this gap. Papers are welcome on strategies for building political will and awareness, leveraging funding, as well as methodological advancements for assessing the impact of GBV interventions. Papers presenting the findings and learning from previous GBV assessments and research are also welcome.

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