Criminal violence and forced displacement

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In some parts of the world, large-scale criminal violence generates humanitarian consequences comparable with those in war zones. In countries like Brazil and Mexico, for example, the number of violent deaths—a significant proportion of which are linked to criminal violence—has often far exceeded that in countries like Afghanistan or Syria. Homicide is only the most visible manifestation of criminal violence, which also has many other repertoires, including forced displacement. Compared with conflict-induced displacement, however, we know relatively little about displacement in contexts of large-scale criminal violence. Accordingly, this panel invites papers that shed light on the characteristics and dynamics of such displacement, and on institutional responses to it. Papers could address questions including, but not limited to, the following:
• How do people fleeing criminal violence, or state responses to it, choose their destinations?
• What are the main risks facing those fleeing criminal violence, and what are their main humanitarian needs?
• How are international humanitarian agencies responding to the needs of (displaced) victims of large-scale criminal violence?
• How have the governments of countries affected by large-scale criminal violence sought to protect and assist IDPs on their territory?
• How are individuals fleeing criminal violence treated in asylum systems in destination countries? How and why do refugee recognition rates vary depending on whether one is fleeing civil war or criminal violence?

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