Qualifications Frameworks and the recognition of formal and informal learning: necessary tools for the professionalization of the humanitarian sector

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Over the past two decades, many policy developments have taken place worldwide to provide important points of reference for setting and assessing learning standards in education understood as a lifelong learning process thereby including general education, vocational education and training, higher education, as well as informal and non-formal learning. Qualifications frameworks are considered one of the tools for better recognition of qualifications provided by learning programmes. Improving the transparency and understanding of qualifications systems, they transmit the signal that qualifications possess about a person’s knowledge, skills and competences to those who need to receive it. Meaningful curricula need to look at qualifications.

One of the major problems stopping the flow of trained people within the humanitarian sector concerns the creation of certification and recognition systems necessary for professionalisation. In a sector where consistent humanitarian occupational standards do not exist, several NGOs, INGOs, learning providers and universities have unilaterally moved, over the years, to address the learning and capacity building needs of workers based on their particular interpretations of identified skills and competence needs. This has led to an ad hoc training offering, with gaps in provision and a lack of pathways and progression routes for the sector, both for those wishing to enter the sector and those wishing to develop professionally within the sector.

This panel welcomes initiatives that aimed to assist in the identification of potential progression routes in the context of lifelong learning and to support workers and learners’ mobility within the humanitarian sector and across sectors. It welcomes papers that present ongoing projects or good practices around the use of qualification frameworks to improve professional competencies and required skills in the sector.

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