Collaboration and Partnership: Strengthening Civil Space through Coordination Mechanisms

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Collaboration and partnership are crucial tools for empowering civil space and, when combined with effective coordination mechanisms, contribute to the strengthening of humanitarian interventions.

In today's world, prominent long-term complex humanitarian crises like those in Syria and Yemen, ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, major earthquakes in Afghanistan, Turkiye, and Syria, and global-scale outbreaks of diseases such as COVID-19 have underscored the necessity of collaboration and effective coordination mechanisms among actors. These crises have clearly demonstrated the importance of working together and establishing efficient coordination mechanisms.

This panel aims to discuss collaboration and partnership mechanisms among civil society organizations, international institutions, governments, and local actors, and how these mechanisms can be strengthened.

Collaboration and partnership play a critical role in enhancing the effectiveness of humanitarian interventions, optimizing resource utilization, and strengthening local capacities. In this regard, we seek to emphasize the importance of collaboration and coordination in humanitarian efforts and share successful practices in this field.

The following proposed research questions are designed to delve deeper into this topic:

- How can collaboration and partnership be strengthened among civil society organizations, local actors, governments, and international institutions?
- How are effective coordination mechanisms established and managed in humanitarian interventions?
- How can the participation of local actors be ensured in collaboration and partnership processes?
- What are the challenges encountered in collaboration and partnership processes, and what are the recommendations for overcoming them?

This panel invites anyone interested in developing a comprehensive understanding of collaboration and partnership and exploring strategies to empower civil space to contribute to the discussion.

Date & Time

November 5th, 2023
15:30 (GMT +6)
Room SAC-620
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