Housing in Urban Protracted Crises

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Today, 60% of all refugees and 80% of all IDPs live in urban areas. Adequate housing and secure tenure are foundational to realizing dignified living conditions for displaced communities. However, finding adequate and sustainable housing has emerged as a key challenge for displaced populations in cities, who often rely on the local housing markets or informal accommodation. This has far-reaching effects on physical and mental health, climate protection, gender inequality and social integration. Meanwhile, responding to the need for urban housing is one of the biggest unresolved challenges for humanitarian organizations and local actors, especially in major arrival cities like Bogotá or Beirut, experiencing intense development pressure brought about by new and protracted population displacements.
Within this context and recognizing the wider conditions and global challenges of the housing crisis and forced displacement, this panel seeks to generate new perspectives on the housing situation of urban displaced persons in an effort to better inform humanitarian response and housing policies targeting refugees.
This panel is interested in discussing among other related questions how local, international humanitarian and market actors understand and attempt to meet the housing needs of displaced persons in cities, how displaced persons articulate and cope with their housing needs and how they may be constrained or empowered to meet them.
Contributions in the context of housing in urban protracted crisis could range from sustainable urban development, housing policy, participatory planning, environmental impacts of housing and interaction between humanitarian and local and market actors. Participation of academic as well as practitioners are welcome.

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