Local humanitarian responses to Ukrainian refugees - the case of Eastern Europe

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The invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, led to the biggest mass displacement within Europe since the Second World War. Nearly overnight, civil society organisations, members of the public, Ukrainian communities, grassroots and activist organisations, among others, started to organise assistance for Ukrainians fleeing the war. This huge mobilisation, at least initially, was mostly organised ad hoc, with a variety of initiatives that leveraged the generosity of the public, such as accommodation in private homes.

This panel will look at these local initiatives in the neighbouring countries around Ukraine, focusing on the contribution of non-formal humanitarian actors to the humanitarian crisis and their unique position in the response. The panel seeks papers that reflect on what happened immediately after the invasion of Ukraine, as well as papers that interrogate the current situation, where medium or long term approaches are needed but new challenges are arising, including the reduction of funding. The panel also looks for contributions that highlight potential barriers to cooperation and collaboration between local organisations and international organisations, seeking to understand those tensions and provide an opportunity for reflection and learning, not only for the region but worldwide.

The panel will specifically seek contributions from researchers and academics from the countries involved in the immediate response around Ukraine.

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November 5th, 2023
15:30 (GMT +6)
Room SAC-707
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